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Water Treatment Services

At HQ Water Solutions, we pride ourselves on quality water treatment services that will exceed your expectations. Clients seek us out for installation, service, and maintenance of new or existing water treatment equipment, including water softeners, home water filtration systems, and more.

Providing Water Treatment Services to Lancaster, Lebanon, Chester, York, Dauphin, Cumberland, and Berks Counties.

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Water Softener Installation,
Service, & Maintenance
+ Salt delivery

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Water Testing

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Servicing Existing
Water Treatment Equipment

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Smart Water Meters and
Leak Detection

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Reverse Osmosis (RO)

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Light Plumbing

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Ultraviolet (UV)

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Custom Water Filtration

High-Quality Water Treatment Services
Designed to Tackle:

Water Hardness Treatment from HQ Water Solutions

Water Hardness

Water hardness is caused by natural minerals dissolved in water.
For example, calcium and magnesium are two hard water minerals found most commonly. Hard water issues you will see and feel are mineral build up on faucets, dry skin/hair, water spots, damage to plumbing equipment/water heaters/boilers/appliances, having to use more soap/detergent products, and more. Surprisingly, water hardness is found both in public water and private wells. A water softener is designed to remove these damaging minerals. It is important to know your home's water hardness level and water demand to size system properly.


Iron & Mineral Stains

Signs of iron in your water include yellow, red, and/or brown stains on items/appliances in your home such as sinks, showers drains, dishwashers, clothing, fixtures, and beyond. In fact, iron can also cause your water to taste metallic. In addition, large levels of iron can cause well pumps, pipes, water heaters, and boilers to clog and/or fail. With this in mind, a simple water test can determine the level of iron in your water, which will help determine what systems might be necessary to eradicate iron and improve your water quality.

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Bad Taste and Odors

Taste and odors are common with public water and private wells. For example, with public water, you'll notice chlorine. which is used to kill bacteria in the water. But, once the chlorinated water reaches your home, the chlorine has done its job and is no longer necessary. Therefore, we recommend a chlorine-removal system, which will improve the taste/smell of your water and extend the life of your water softener and appliances. Well water homeowners typically notice a rotten egg or sewage smell with an accompanying metallic, sulfur, and sweet/salty taste, which can be caused by various contaminants, including metals or chemical runoff. Our free in-home water test (and advanced lab testing) will determine the specific water-quality issues associated with your water's tastes/smells.

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