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As one of the area’s leading family-owned water conditioning companies, we have been serving homeowners and businesses for 10 years, providing top-notch water treatment solutions that enhance the quality of your water.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews
Alex Mazzucca
Alex Mazzucca
July 5, 2024
We are very happy with our softener, carbon filter and RO system. Steve was very easy to work with.
Rosemarie Corey
Rosemarie Corey
July 1, 2024
Very prompt and professional. Explained everything I needed to know. Thanks again.
Debbie Daniels
Debbie Daniels
June 28, 2024
Pat was the technician that came to do main my water softener. Professional as always. Did a great job was efficient and fast. I am good for another year. 😊 I would recommend them to everyone looking to install a water softener. The equipment and Currie is EXCELLENT!
Allison Altman
Allison Altman
June 27, 2024
Quick, reliable service, with great communication! Thank you!
William Hankle
William Hankle
June 22, 2024
They did a great job installing our new water softener and a few small plumbing Issues quickly and reasonable price.
Brendan Groff
Brendan Groff
June 21, 2024
Fantastic workers, excellent communication, very flexible, reasonable prices, they check all the boxes. Great owner and employees, top of the line service. Would/will recommend to anyone needing a water treatment system or reverse osmosis drinking water system.
Norm Pfeiffer
Norm Pfeiffer
June 15, 2024
HQ Water Solutions installed our neutralizer and water softener system a couple years ago and continue to maintain it. They are a very friendly and professional company that is always timely and thorough.
Fred Ridgeway
Fred Ridgeway
June 7, 2024
Very professional and made sure I had the knowledge I needed to use the system properly.
Get a FREE water test!

My water tastes and smells great, why should I get it tested?

Fresh-tasting, odorless water is a great sign. However, even if your water seems perfectly fine, here at hq we recommend regular testing for several reasons. 

Peace of Mind: Public water supplies are monitored, but contaminants can sometimes be present as well as enter through private wells or even internal plumbing. A test can identify any potential issues before they become a health concern.

Hidden Contaminants: Some contaminants can be undetectable by taste or smell. Testing can reveal the presence of things like lead, nitrates, or bacteria, which can have negative health effects over time.

Optimizing Treatment: Even if your water is safe, a test can identify trace minerals that might be affecting taste or odor. This allows us to recommend a customized water treatment solution to further enhance your water’s quality and taste.

Protecting Your Investment: Hard water, for example, can damage pipes and appliances. Knowing your water’s mineral content allows us to suggest preventative measures to protect your plumbing system.

Think of a water test as a checkup for your home’s water supply. It’s a proactive way to ensure you and your family are always drinking the safest, healthiest water possible. We offer a variety of testing options to suit your needs. Contact us today to discuss your water and get a free consultation!

How long does a water test take?

20-30 minutes with results provided in your home. 

What should I test for?

At HQ, we understand that every water source has unique needs. Here’s how we can help you determine the right tests:

Source Specific: Depending on your water source (well or public), we might recommend tests for:

Wells: Bacteria, nitrates (from fertilizers), iron, hardness.

Public Water: Lead (if older pipes), disinfection byproducts, specific contaminants based on your area’s environmental reports.

Environmental Factors: If you live near farms, consider testing for nitrates and herbicides. Industrial facilities might warrant tests for specific chemicals.

Home Warning Signs: Certain color staining in fixtures (e.g., blueish-green = copper) can indicate specific contaminants.

Are water test strips accurate?

Water test strips can be a convenient and affordable way to get a general idea of your water quality, but it’s important to understand their limitations:

Accuracy: Test strips offer a qualitative assessment, meaning they indicate the presence or absence of a contaminant, but not always the exact concentration. They may also be less sensitive than laboratory testing methods.

Limited Scope: While they can detect common contaminants like chlorine, hardness, or pH, they may not test for a wide range of potential issues, especially specific contaminants you might be concerned about based on your location or water source.

User Dependence: Accurate results rely on following the instructions precisely, including proper dipping technique and reading the color chart within the specified timeframe.

What testing equipment do you use?

We use the most advanced systems and testing tools for precise measurements and accuracy. Along with certified and calibrated equipments we use physical parameters, chemical parameters, and biological parameters to test your home’s water. Our equipment provides results within minutes. Additional testing is available through our certified lab partners. 

How often should I test my water?

The recommended testing frequency depends on your water source and potential risks. Here’s a general guideline:

Annually: This is a good baseline for most homes, especially for public water supplies and wells with routine maintenance. It checks for common contaminants like bacteria and nitrates.

Every 3-5 Years: If you have a public water supply and no history of issues, this might be sufficient.

More Frequently: Test more often if you have a well, especially a new well, or if there have been changes in your water source or plumbing. Consider testing after heavy rain events or if you experience taste or odor changes.

We recommend consulting with our water treatment specialists during your free consultation to determine the ideal testing frequency for your specific situation.

What does a water test cost?

Our company offers a free water test as a starting point. This test analyzes a range of common contaminants.

For more in-depth analysis of specific contaminants beyond the scope of the free test, additional verified lab testing might be recommended. The cost of these tests varies depending on the number and type of contaminants analyzed. We’ll provide a clear cost breakdown before proceeding with any additional testing.

Will my water taste better after treatment?

Many water treatment solutions can significantly improve the taste of your water! By removing contaminants that contribute to unpleasant tastes and odors, like chlorine or iron, your water can taste noticeably fresher and cleaner.

During your free consultation, we can discuss your specific water quality concerns and recommend treatment options that address taste improvement alongside other health and safety considerations.

Can a water test detect health risks?

Yes, a water test can identify contaminants that pose potential health risks. For example, high levels of lead, arsenic, or bacteria can be harmful if consumed over time.

Our water test analyzes for a variety of contaminants with established health risks. With the results, we can discuss any potential health concerns and recommend effective treatment options to ensure your water is safe for drinking and cooking.

What if I rent my home?

Even if you rent your home, it’s important to be aware of your water quality. While the landlord is responsible for maintaining the plumbing system, understanding your water’s makeup can empower you to make informed decisions.

We recommend discussing water quality with your landlord and potentially requesting a copy of any recent water test results. You can also consider having our free water test performed to gain a deeper understanding of your specific water at the rental property. There are still options to treat your water and ensure safe drinking water for your and your family!

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